Are you tired of struggling to get your clients’ attention on your website? In your emails?

The key to getting your clients’ attention in today’s massively crowded world is to stand out. And you only want to stand out to your potential clients. Not to EVERYBODY.

Do you worry that not enough people respond, “Tell me more!” when you introduce yourself at networking events?

Is it time to get more of your clients’ attention with your marketing content and conversations?

You’re not alone. I’ve sure been there!

For a couple of years after becoming an instant entrepreneur due to a downsizing, hardly anyone asked me, “Tell me more!” at networking groups.

Why? Because I was still wearing my corporate marketing hat. I was describing my services and their benefits.


I learned that to get my prospective clients’ attention, I needed to talk about THEM.

I discovered that to spark their interest, I needed to talk about things near and dear to their hearts: their problems, their visions, their dreams.

It didn’t matter how much I could help them grow their businesses with strategies, tactics and tools. This much hasn’t changed. It was, and is, about only two foundational questions:

•    Where THEY are today?

•    Where do they want to go?

When I finally had this a-ha moment, I stopped talking about my services. Instead, I began talking about my clients’ challenges and dreams. Then my business took off because I began to attract the people I served best.

What Does It Mean to Get Your Clients’ Attention?

Getting your clients’ attention means that they ask you to tell them more. They’ll ask, “How do you do that?”

When you find your prospective clients saying, “Tell me more!” “How do you do that?

“How do you help people solve problems like mine?” You’ve struck gold.

Those are the golden words you want to continue to use in your conversations and your content.

3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Clients’ Attention

Step 1) Put fresh eyes (and ears) on your clients’ current situation.

I don’t mean just their problems, the kinds of problems you solve. Ask yourself:

•     How do they feel about their problems?

•     What are they thinking about their problems?

•     What do they say to friends about their problems?

Step 2) Use these new words in your marketing content and business conversations.

Remember you’re an expert.  Avoid the common trap of using your expert language, industry lingo, or jargon. To attract prospects, speak your clients' language in marketing content. Avoid jargon. Click To Tweet

Step 3) Try out your new conversations.

Test your updated words, questions, and explanations. Run them by your friends, your colleagues who are in the same or similar industry.

Peer feedback is ridiculously valuable.

ice-cream-1440836_1920If your friends look at you like you’ve just dumped a giant glass of Syrah over a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie, rework your words.

By tapping into what your people are thinking, and using it when networking and marketing, you’re on the road to increasing your income.

That’s a win-win-win: you have more time and money to do the stuff you love, you serve more of the people you’re here to help and you change the world. One amazing customer at a time.

If you need more help attracting people who say, “I need that!” with your marketing and networking, check out our fabulous 5 Step Clarity to Cash System Training and Mentoring Program.




Cynthia Trevino

Entrepreneurs with great services often don’t have enough clients because their messaging doesn’t connect. Cynthia Trevino teaches you five simple steps to get marketing clarity so you can attract more clients, make more money, and have more impact. She loves sharing Syrah and burritos with friends.

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